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50 Shades Of Grey - My Take

50 Shades Of Grey - My Take

So the women of the world are reading 50 Shades of Grey - by the millions.

I thought it judicious to have a copy of 50 Shades delivered to my home in a brown paper envelope ...  Essential research for the modern man.

Let's get past the "literary merit" of the best selling novel of all times (!). I found it an easy read and quite enjoyable.

My interest were the sex scenes primarily.

As I've said earlier, writing a good sex scene is extremely difficult to do well. Kudos to the author for the effort. I would have personally preferred more accurate topographical descriptions in order to know where what was, as I was quite confused at one point as to whether Mr Grey was fucking her in the arse or in the cunt whilst taking her from behind Ilater my confusion was alleviated through additional information) but in general, I managed.

A good density of sex scenes throughout, excellent value for money. On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed the email exchanges which were a highlight for me and had me chuckle on more than one occasion.

I do have to have a word with Mr Christian Grey.

Man, that was no virgin! She had you there, good and proper. And I'm disappointed in you, Mr Grey. Not a single multiple orgasm? You're doing something wrong, my friend ...

What got me the most excited about 50 Shades of Grey was that the women of the western world have come out of the closet, big time, with their book buying behaviour.

Yes, women read erotica.

Yes, women get hot reading erotica.

Yes, they want exciting sex.

You don't have to be a billionaire either.

Make the lady hot as hell, don't drool or slobber, pay focused attention and you too can get to be Christian Grey.

Essential reading for all modern men, indeed.


PS I gave my copy to a young lady at her apartment earlier tonight. She had a friend visiting and both were very excited to start reading it. So you can bet your bottom dollar that for every one book sold, there is more than one woman reading it. One gazillion times three on average - is that all of them ...?